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The project

D-Light is a qwerty keyboard to computer (desktop or laptop) that integrates a password manager.
You will not have to worry about managing your passwords.
With D-Light you have everything at your fingertips.

Internal memory

Internal capacity to store information


Your personal archive will be encrypted with a unique key.

Multi platform

It can be used on any operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS)


Dynamic lighting

Illuminates each key. Just follow the steps...

Biometric reader

It integrates a biometric reader for reading fingerprints


Synchronizes the information in the cloud memory

Who we are

D-Light is an ambitious project carried out by the Innovative Startup tobesmart that the synchrony and the strength of its young talent has managed to create an innovative and technologically advanced product.

Paolo Mottola
CEO | CFO | P M |

I am the founder of the company and inventor of tobesmart D-Light device. Inside the team I of the development of the device, of the accounting / fiscal management.

Paolo Mottola
CEO | CFO | P M |
Maurizio Parafati
R&D | IT Manager | CTO |

Mauritius have initialed, Co-founder of the company. I take care of the research and development and programming and software design.

Maurizio Parafati
R&D | IT Manager | CTO |
Michele Spagnuolo
CSO | CFO | M&S |

I'm Michele Spagnuolo, of to be smart partner, I deal with the communication with customers, the social profile management, market research.

Michele Spagnuolo
CSO | CFO | M&S |
Francesco Perfetti
Sotware design & developer |

I'm Francesco Perfetti, I deal with the development of graphical user interfaces and desktop software.

Francesco Perfetti
Sotware design & developer |

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They talk about us …

The D-Light team and its goals

January 2017
Wind Business Factor

We have been selected among the 12 semi-finalists in Italy

September 2016012Factory Calabria

Training organized by 012Factory Calabria, selected among the finalists.